Family Law Is Different Here

Tulsa Family Law Center OfficeFacing divorce or another family legal crisis can be scary.  It makes you anxious, and sometimes mad.  It is also a chance for a fresh start.  At the Tulsa Family Law Center, we help you manage your changing family relationship.  Our work to reduce fear, anxiety and anger helps you focus on building a positive future.

The resources on this site provide basic information to help you understand your rights.  Each case is different, so we need to visit about your specific situation. Call or email the Tulsa Family Law Center to schedule your Family Assessment Meeting.  You will leave that meeting with a list of goals, and an action plan to achieve those goals.

You have options as to how to resolve a family conflict.  We offer mediation, collaborative practice, arbitration and litigation services.  Good information about your process options helps keep you in control.

Divorce can be expensive.  People don’t budget for a family legal crisis.  The cost of the process can get out of hand quickly.  At the Tulsa Family Law Center, we give you control over costs by offering set fees for specific services.  Knowing the cost of your action plan in advance can help reduce fear and anxiety.

Take action now by calling 918-582-8001 to schedule your Family Assessment Meeting.  We look forward to giving you power to set realistic goals for your future, and control the means to achieve those goals.  Family law really is different here.

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