Firm Forms

Family Assessment Meeting – Please complete this Information Sheet and bring it with you to the Family Assessment Meeting.


Parenting Conference

Your first court date for all custody cases in Tulsa County is the Parenting Plan Conference (PPC). The following links will help you get through the PPC much more efficiently.

PPC Videos Click here to watch Parenting Through Divorce and The Voices of the Children of Divorce. These videos are required viewing in Tulsa County domestic matters involving child custody

PPC Attestation Form – Print and sign this document affirming you watched the above videos

If possible, complete one of the following required workshops before the PPC. If you have not taken or registered for a workshop before the PPC, you will be asked to register while in attendance

Co-Parenting for Resilience – Register here for an on-site class or here for an online class. This 4-hour educational seminar for divorcing parents is produced by the Oklahoma State University College of Human Sciences.

Helping Children Cope with Divorce Seminar – This 4-hour educational seminar for parents who are divorcing is presented by Family and Children’s Services, Inc. From this link, you can find a class schedule and register online

If, within 30 days of the case filing, parties have an Agreed Temporary Order AND have already completed a divorce adjustment workshop, the PPC requirement will be waived until August 1, 2020.

Oklahoma Family Law

Oklahoma Marriage and Family Law – Direct Link to Title 43 of Oklahoma Statutes

Visitation Schedules and Advisory Guidelines from the Oklahoma Administrative Office of the Courts

Oklahoma Advance Directive For Health Care (living will form) – The Advance Directive can be used to withhold or withdraw all forms of life‑sustaining treatment, including food and water and it is effective only when two doctors certify in writing that you are no longer able to make decisions regarding your medical treatment

What Should We Tell The Children – Developing A Mutual Story Of Divorce – develop, together, a mutual story of the divorce, and to tell it to the children together as a family at the same time.

Children’s Reactions To The News Of Divorce – The discomfort of parents talking to children about their upcoming divorce is often exaggerated by worries about how the children will react.

What Parents Can Do To Help Children With Divorce – Treat the other parent as you would a business partner. Your business is to raise the best child possible.

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement

Federal Tax and Divorce FAQs

IRS Form 8332 – Release Of Claim To Exemption For Child of Divorced or Separated Parents

IRS Form 8822 – Change of Address




If You’re Divorcing, Consider Mediation – Mediation is not limited to couples who are “still friends” and agree on most issues.

Mediation vs. Litigation:  To Punish or Not to Punish, That is the Question – Going about settling your divorce case is, for most people, the biggest negotiation of their life.

Methods For Resolving Disputes – Published by the Oklahoma Bar Association, discusses mediation, arbitration and litigation



Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law FAQs.  What is Collaborative Law?  Collaborative Law is a dispute resolution model in which both parties to the dispute retain separate, specially‑trained lawyers.

Understanding the Basics of Collaborative Family Law.  The process you choose to end your marriage will have a far‑reaching impact on the custodial, financial and emotional outcome.

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Oklahoma Academy of Collaborative Professionals – a list of Oklahoma professionals trained in collaborative practice



Family Support

Smart Marriages – Coalition For Marriage, Family & Couples Education

Helping Children Adjust To Blended Families – develop new relationships with sensitivity to children=s adjustments

Coping With Inconsistent Parental Access – handling a child when the other parent is a “no-show”

Domestic Violence Intervention Services – Several locations throughout greater Tulsa area


Professional Organizations

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers – Oklahoma Chapter

American Bar Association – Section of Family Law

Oklahoma Bar Association

Tulsa County Bar Association



Consumer Information & Advocacy

Oklahoma Do Not Call Registry – Register your telephone numbers to stop unsolicited commercial telemarketing calls

Federal Do Not Call List – if you prefer

Reduce or eliminate junk mail through this link to the Direct Marketing Association.

Product Recall Information

Annual Credit Report or Credit Karma – View your credit report – see if your family is trading on your credit.

Publications USA – Catalog of hundreds of free government publications – from agency directories to zip code lookup – for anything you want to know

Consumer Watchdog – Expose rip-offs and injustice. Confront the industries and politicians responsible. Change the world.

Public Citizen – Defending democracy. Resisting corporate power.

Center for Justice & Democracy – Fighting “tort reform” and exposing the corporate campaign behind it.