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Parents Disagree On Child’s Last Name, Court Decides

When unmarried couples have a child, they may disagree about what name to give the child.  Oklahoma Statutes describe the process for bringing the matter to court. Oklahoma judges have broad discretion to decide whether to change a child’s name. In the recent case of Reed v. Remmert, after the Court established father’s parentage, Dad [..]

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“For Better Or Worse” Includes Accepting the Baggage of Your Spouse’s Obligations to a Prior Family

Suppose you married someone who owes child support from a prior marriage. The support checks to the prior family go out each month, drawn on an account containing funds earned during your marriage.  Then the second relationship sours.  Can you recover an equitable share of marital funds used by your spouse to pay a pre-existing [..]

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Joint Custody Preserved Despite Parents’ Objections; Relocation Denied

A father’s attempt to relocate with his son and terminate joint child custody with the mother in Oklahoma fails on appeal. The Setup The Father and Mother in Caber v. Dahle originally crafted a joint child custody plan with Father having primary physical custody.  He also had ultimate decision-making authority in the event the parties [..]

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