Category: Enforcement of Judgments

Joint Custody Preserved Despite Parents’ Objections; Relocation Denied

A father’s attempt to relocate with his son and terminate joint child custody with the mother in Oklahoma fails on appeal. The Setup The Father and Mother in Caber v. Dahle originally crafted a joint child custody plan with Father having primary physical custody.  He also had ultimate decision-making authority in the event the parties [..]

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Collect Child Support and Alimony from Disability Payments

If your child’s other parent receives Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), your child should receive an auxiliary benefit from Social Security. The auxiliary benefit may not cover monthly child support due you. The disabled parent may owe past due child support. Your former spouse may owe you alimony. You can collect these obligations by income [..]

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Consent Decree Confuses Collection of Divorce Judgment

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma decides a case in which timing affects a party’s right to collect a property division judgment, and interest, in a consent decree.  The case, Dilbeck v. Dilbeck,  had a wild ride through the system.  Three levels of courts decided the case in three different ways.  Ultimately, failure to timely act [..]

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