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Terminating Parental Rights Is Not A Quick Fix For A Poor Parenting Relationship

Can one parent waive receiving child support, the other parent waive visitation, and the parents agree to terminate the rights of the non-paying, non-visiting parent?  Family law attorneys answer this question regularly.   The short answer in Oklahoma is no. The Oklahoma Legislature repealed the statute authorizing private termination of parental rights in 1997.  A parent [..]

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Joint Custody Preserved Despite Parents’ Objections; Relocation Denied

A father’s attempt to relocate with his son and terminate joint child custody with the mother in Oklahoma fails on appeal. The Setup The Father and Mother in Caber v. Dahle originally crafted a joint child custody plan with Father having primary physical custody.  He also had ultimate decision-making authority in the event the parties [..]

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What Are My Child Custody Options?

There are several forms of custody available under Oklahoma law. Joint Custody – The term joint custody means the sharing by parents in all or some of the aspects of physical and legal care, custody, and control of their children. Parents apply to the court for a joint child custody plan. The plan sets forth [..]

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